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Teaching Philosophy & Qualifications

Cory has been teaching private students for over 30 years now. Though he has taught groups, he prefers to teach one-on-one because, in his experience, this is the best way to learn a subject completely.    

     He has studied piano with the great Charlie Parker's pianist Walter Bishop Jr. and also studied 18th Century Contrapuntal Harmony with Oscar Peterson protegé Mike Longo who was Dizzy Gillespie's musical director for over 30 years. He's also studied lyric writing with Sheila Davis, author of several N.Y. Times bestselling  books, and is mentioned for his lyrics in two of her books including Succesful Lyric Writing. He has also had a profile written about him in Mike Levine’s Billboard Book "How To Be A Working Musician".    

     His teaching program includes Classical, Sight Reading, Jazz Theory, Pop, Rock and Blues, as well as various songwriting techniques (including both music and lyrics) and even some recording tips (Cory has a fully equipped recording studio).

For parents:
The following is some useful information which was published originally by the Music Educators National Conference which Cory has always found useful and hopes you will as well:
     Your decision to provide your child with a quality musical instrument is an investment in your child's future. In making it possible for your child to play a musical instrument, you are providing the opportunity for self-expression, creativity, and achievement.
     Numerous studies indicate that parental attitude, support and involvement are important factors in a child's ability to successfully learn to play and to enjoy music.
How You Fit In:
     Always keep in mind that your support is a key element in your child's success with music study. Schedule Practice Time ahead of time.
     Music achievement requires effort over a period of time. You can help your child by:
•    Providing a quiet place in which to practice.
•    Remaining nearby during prac­tice times as often as possible.
•    Scheduling a consistent, daily time for practice.
•    Praising your child's efforts and achievements.      
What to Do:            
     To give your child the best possible support, you should:
•         Encourage your child to play for family and friends.
•         Offer compliments and encour­agement regularly.
•         Expose your child to a wide variety of music, including concerts, and recitals.
•         Encourage your child to talk with you about his or her lessons.
•         Make sure your child's instrument is always in good working order.
•         Allow your child to play many types of music, not just study pieces.
•         Listen to your child practice, and acknowledge improvement.
•         Help your child build a personal music library.
•         Try to get your child to make a minimum two-year commit­ment to his or her music studies.

What not to do:

     Your child's progress will be greatly enhanced if you...
     •    Don't use practice as a punishment.
     •    Don't insist your child play for others when they don't want to.
     •    Don't ridicule or make fun of mistakes or less-than-perfect playing.
     •    Don't apologize to others for your child's weak performance.
     •    Don't start your child on an instrument that's in poor working order or condition.

     •    Don't expect rapid progress and development in the beginning.
If Your Child Loses Interest:
    In the event your child loses interest in his or her music studies, don't panic. Discuss the situation with your child to determine why their interest is declining.
•         Talk to your child's music teacher to see what might be done to rekindle their enthusiasm.    
•         Encourage your child to stick with lessons for an agreed to period of time.    
•         Offer increased enthusiasm and support.